A desto controller is a small device used by the driver to control the destination displays (destos) on the front, side and rear of the bus. The controller will typically allow the driver to input a desto code, which will then allow the controller to find the correct desto file in its memory.

Mobitec Edit

Mobitec ICU400 Edit

The Mobitec ICU400 is the most common desto controller on Sydney Buses. It has 8 buttons, 4 above the screen and 4 below. The screen displays the code currently selected and what is currently displayed on the destination displays. The upper buttons increase each number of the code by one and the lower buttons decrease each number by one. The lower left button is blue and allows for special functions. 



 The currently selected code is 0101 (SET DOWN ONLY) and the code to be selected is 6500 (CHARTER 500). Each white cell in the table represents a button. Each number is the amount of times each button should be pressed. 

Leftmost Centre-left Centre-right Rightmost
Upper 5 4 0 0
Lower N/A 0 0 1

NOTE: N/A indicates the blue button, which is not required for this example.