This bus is the first model of bus built by Iveco for Sydney Buses. As this is only the first time that Sydney Buses has ordered a bus from Iveco, only 7 were ordered. The bus features white LED destos, airconditioning and wheelchair access.

Service Edit

These buses have body dates from September to December 2014. They are numbered from 2696 to 2702, all on ST plates. All are at Randwick depot. After suffering from a few electrical issues in their first days of operation, they are now all in service running the routes of Randwick depot.

Specifications Edit

The chassis is an Iveco Metro, built for the Australian market, which many other operators have bought. The engine is an 8.9 litre Cummins ISLe and the transmission is the Allison T375R. The bus has THOREB for desto control. The dashboard is quite old fashioned, with only a small screen and mostly circular dials. A large space of the dashboard is occupied by the Iveco logo. Almost the whole bus has LED lights, with the saloon lights actually being hidden and reflecting off the ceiling.

Livery Edit

These buses are in the Transport for NSW livery.