A Mercedes O500LE Custom Coaches CB60 from Waverley depot running route 200.

Route 200 is a weekday, peak hour, limited-stops bus route running between Chatswood Station and Bondi Junction Station via Pacific Highway, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Cahill Expressway, Macquarie Street, Kings Cross and Edgecliff.

Services Edit

Route 200 operates only on weekdays in peak hours, during these specified times

From Bondi Junction to Chatswood Edit

  • Between 6:20am and 9:42am
  • Between 2:57pm and 6:45pm.

From Chatswood to Bondi Junction Edit

  • Between 6:27 am and 9:55am
  • Between 2:10pm and 7:10pm

The first/last few services run at a frequency of 30 minutes. This later increases to 20 minutes, with services running every 10-13 minutes for a short period, throughout the peaks.

Route Edit