The 438 is one of the bus routes operated by Sydney Buses in the Inner West region. The L38 is the limited stops and prepay-only version of the 438.

Route DescriptionEdit

The 438/L38 goes between Abbotsford and the City (Martin Place) via Five Dock, Haberfield, Leichhardt, Annandale and Railway Square. All 438/L38 buses terminate at Martin Place Station but some outbound 438 buses terminate at Five Dock Shops. Buses on this route are usually from Leichhardt or Burwood depot. As of July 1st, 2018, this route is operated by Transit Systems West.

Key Stops & Turns Edit

  • Abbotsford Ferry Wharf (Change for Parramatta River ferries)
  • Great North Rd
  • Five Dock Shops (Change for routes 415, 490-1-2, 439, 460)
  • Ramsay Rd
  • Haberfield Shops
  • Marion St (Change for Light Rail to Dulwich Hill)
  • Leichhardt Marketplace
  • Norton St (Leichhardt Shops)
  • Parramatta Rd
  • Broadway
  • Central Station (Railway Sq)
  • Pitt St
  • Hay St (Belmore Pk, Central Stn)
  • Elizabeth St (Museum Stn)
  • Martin Place


Timetable and MapEdit

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