Volvo B12BLE, with Volgren CR228L body, at Circular Quay

Route 515 and its weekday peak-hour express counterpart, the X15, are bus routes which run from Circular Quay to Eastwood Station via Victoria Road, Top Ryde City Shopping Centre, Blaxland Road and Ryde Hospital.

Route X15 Edit

During weekday evening peak hours, the 515 is supplemented by five PrePay express services of the X15, which originate from Harrington Street near Grosvenor Street (Stop 2000166), which do not stop between Kent Street, City and Lyons Road, Drummoyne.

The X15 departs from Harrington Street near Grosvenor Street (Stop 2000166) at the following times:

  • 4:17pm
  • 4:49pm
  • 5:19pm
  • 5:51pm
  • 6:16pm

Route & Timetable Edit

515 map