A Mercedes Benz O405NH, Custom Coaches body, from Ryde depot on route 553.

Route 553 is a route which runs as a Beecroft-West Pennant Hills-Beecroft loop on weekdays only. It was introduced on November 4, 2007 as part of a renumbering and reorganisation of the former Harris Park Transport routes. Route 553 was formed from a segment of the defunct 623 route.

Service Edit

Normal service Edit

Route 553 usually operates as a balloon loop from Beecroft Railway Station running down Kirkham Street, Murray Farm Road, Orchard Road and North Rocks Road before turning north onto Pennant Hills Road and running clockwise around a Murray Farm Road-Oakes Road-Karloon Road-Pennant Hills Road loop before returning to Beecroft via North Rocks Road and the reverse of the remainder of the above route.

Diversions Edit

During the morning peak, there is a diversion of the route 553 which originates from North Rocks Public School at 7:45am which runs along North Rocks Road, Oakes Road and continues along the normal route to Beecroft.

In the afternoon peak the route 553 services which depart Beecroft Station at 3:12pm and 3:42pm run anticlockwise round the Karloon/Oakes Road loop and divert to Westfield North Rocks.

Two services which depart Beecroft Station at 6:40am and 4:12 pm divert to serve the Eaton Road estate.

Route Map Edit

546 549 552 553 map