Please note that route 410 is unrelated and can be found here.

The routes 41X, where X is a number connect Campsie to other locations.

Route 411 (Discontinued) Edit

Route 411 is a discontinued route that appeared in the 2007 region guide. It operated between Roselands Shopping Centre and Ashfield Station. It has been replaced by route 493 (Roselands to Bexley Nth) and 491 (Bexley Nth to Ashfield). However, route 491 now follows a different route to Ashfield, and only some parts of the original route are served by routes 412 (Earlwood/Dulwich Hill), 428/444/445 (New Canterbury Rd) and 406 (Ashbury/Ashfield).

Key Stops Edit

  • Roselands Shopping Ctr
  • Kingsgrove Station
  • Bexley Nth Station
  • Earlwood Shops
  • Dulwich Hill Station
  • New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill
  • Old Canterbury Rd, Ashbury
  • Ashfield Station

Route 412 Edit

Route 412 is a route operated by Sydney Buses (prior to June 30th, 2018) 7 days a week between Campsie Station (South Pde) and City (Martin Place). Before 4th October 2015, it ran to City (King St Wharf). At various times in the past, it has been diverted to Belmore Station, Dulwich Hill Station and City York St. As of July 1st, 2018, it is operated by Transit Systems West.

Key Stops Edit

  • Campsie Station (Change for trains on Bankstown Line)
  • Clemton Park Shops
  • Earlwood Shops
  • Wardell Rd, Earlwood
  • Dulwich Hill Station (Change for trains on Bankstown Line and light rail)
  • Livingstone Rd, Marrickville
  • Petersham Station (Change for trains on Inner West Line)
  • Stanmore Station (Change for trains on Inner West Line)
  • Salisbury Rd, Camperdown
  • RPA Hospital (Carillion Ave & Missenden Rd)
  • Parramatta Rd/Broadway
  • Railway Sq
  • Elizabeth St
  • Martin Place

Route 413 Edit

Route 413 is very similar to Route 412, going from Campsie Station (North Pde) to City (Martin Place). Similarly, it also went to City King St Wharf before 4th October 2015. However, its route is nothing like that of route 412.

Key Stops Edit

  • Campsie Station (Change for trains on Bankstown Line)
  • Brighton Ave, Croydon Park
  • Roslyn St, Ashbury
  • Ashbury Primary School, King St
  • Clissold St, Ashfield
  • Lewisham Station (Change for Inner West line trains and light rail)
  • Parramatta Rd & Norton St
  • University of Sydney, Parramatta Rd
  • Broadway
  • Railway Square
  • Martin Place

Route 415 Edit

Route 415 connects Campsie Station (South Pde) to Chiswick via Burwood. It is operated by Kingsgrove depot. Possibly due to low patronage, every second trip starts and ends at Strathfield or Burwood Stations. A few early morning runs also start from Kingsgrove depot. In the past, route 415 went only as far as Burwood Westfield.

Key Stops Edit

  • Campsie Station (Change for trains on Bankstown Line)
  • Beamish St (Campsie Shops)
  • Belmore Station (Change for Bankstown line trains)
  • Belmore Boys High School
  • Georges River Rd and Coronation Pde
  • Coronation Pde and Liverpool Rd
  • Strathfield Station (loop) (Change for Western/Northern/Inner West/South line trains)
  • Burwood Station (Change for Western/Northern and Inner West line trains)
  • Parramatta Rd, Burwood
  • Five Dock Shops
  • Gt North Rd and Blackwalls Pt Rd
  • Chiswick Wharf (Change for ferries)