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Route 42X, where X is a number, connect various locations in the Inner West to the City. They were previously referred to as the Greenlines, as destinations for these routes were printed on a green desto roll.

Route 422 Edit

Route 422 operates between the City (Martin Pl) and Kogarah. Although Kogarah is in Sydney's south, the route still runs through much of the Inner West. After following the Princes Highway out of Kogarah, the route diverts off the Princes Highway and uses West Botany St. It again joins the Princes Highway at Arncliffe and follows it through Tempe and St Peters. The Princes Highway then becomes King St, then City Rd. The route finally turns right at Broadway and follows the route of many other buses to Martin Place, first passing Railway Sq.

Most services actually start from Tempe bus depot at Princes Highway, with only 1 of the 3 buses every hour starting from Kogarah. The arrangement is the same on both weekends and weekdays.

Route 423 Edit

Route 423 operates between City (Martin Pl) and Kingsgrove Depot. It runs in almost a straight line through Earlwood and Marrickville after leaving Kingsgrove Rd. It then joins King St at Newtown Station and follows the rest of route 422.

Route 423 is operated by Kingsgrove depot and has 3 runs in each direction every hour.

Route 426 Edit

Route 426 runs between Dulwich Hill (Marrickville & New Canterbury Rds) and the City (Martin Pl). It travels down Marrickville Rd before turning onto Victoria Rd. The route then passes Enmore Park and Marrickville Metro, before joining Enmore Rd and following route 422 into the City.

Route 428 Edit

Route 428 runs between Canterbury Station and City (Martin Pl). During peak hours, a limited stops version of this route, L28, runs. The route runs north on Canterbury Rd, before turning into New Canterbury Rd. The route then crosses the Light Rail tracks at Dulwich Grove LR stop and goes onto Addison Rd. This then leads to Victoria Rd, where the route follows route 426 into the City.

Previous Routes Edit

Route 425 Edit

Route 425 ran from Rockdale Station to Dulwich Hill Station via Princes Highway and Sydenham Station.