Routes 49X, where X is a number, serve the Inner West & South regions of Sydney (Region 6). More specifically, they connect the Inner West to the South. As of July 1st, 2018, they are operated by Transit Systems West.

Route 490 and 492 Edit

Route 490 connects Drummoyne to Hurstville, running via Five Dock, Burwood, Campsie and Kingsgrove. Route 492 runs from Drummoyne to Rockdale. They run 7 days a week and are operated by Kingsgrove depot, with Tempe depot doing some services on weekdays and one short working (to Campsie) 490 service on Sunday. Both routes meet at Stoney Creek Road, near Kingsgrove High School and travel together for most of the way to Drummoyne.

Major Stops

490 Stop 492 Stop Connections
Hurstville Interchange Stand D Rockdale Station Stand H Transdev Buses, M41, T4 trains
via Queens & Croydon Rds via Harrow & Stoney Ck Rds N/A
Kingsgrove Rd, Kingsgrove T2 trains
via Clemton Pk Village via Kingsgrove & C'bury Rds
Campsie Station T3 trains, all routes via Campsie
via Brighton Ave and local streets in Burwood Hgts
Burwood Westfield & Station T2 trains, all routes via Burwood
via local streets to Parramatta Rd then Gt North Rd
Five Dock shops 415, 438, L38, 491
via Rodd Point via Gt North & Lyons Rds
Drummoyne St George Cr & Lyons Rd F3 Parramatta River ferries

There are rumours of one of these routes being cut short to Burwood or being changed to operate the current 415 route to Chiswick, after the proposed 530 route is added. However, these rumours are yet to be confirmed.

Route 491 Edit

Route 491 connects Five Dock to Hurstville, running via Ashfield, Canterbury, Earlwood and Bexley. It is run by Kingsgrove Depot and operates 7 days a week. Most of the route runs along narrow local streets, unlike the 490-2. It only meets the 490 route at Five Dock and Hurstville.

Route 493 Edit

Route 493 connects Roselands to Rockdale, running via Kingsgrove. It starts at Roselands Shopping Centre, turning onto King Georges Rd, then following the railway line (T2 East Hills Line) through to Bexley Nth. It then uses Bexley Rd and Harrow Rd to get to Rockdale. It is run by the Kingsgrove depot. Route 493 is a Monday to Friday service, running hourly from 9am to 3pm.

Route 494 (Discontinued) Edit

Route 494 was a route that appeared in the 2007 region guide. It has now been discontinued. It ran between Campsie Station and Rockdale Station. It mostly duplicated route 492, only diverting via local streets Kingsgrove.

Route 495 (Discontinued) Edit

Route 495 is a shuttle service connecting Kingsgrove Station to Bexley Nth Station. It is operated by Kingsgrove. There are only 2 services a day in each direction, one at 10am and another at 2pm. It is timetabled to take 10 minutes. From the 4th June 2017, due to low patronage, this route was discontinued.[1]

Route 499 (Discontinued) Edit

Route 499 ran between Drummoyne and Hurstville via the 492 route to Campsie, where it diverts off the 492 route, travelling via Earlwood, Bardwell Park and Bexley Nth stations. It then traverse the local streets of Kingsgrove and Hurstville to terminate at Hurstville Station. It was replaced due to the route being too long, causing poor on time running. It has been replaced with route 490 and 491 (see above).