Scania L113TRBL fleet number 3429(prior to refurbishments)


Scania L113TRBL (prior to refurbishments)

The Scania L113TRB is a non-wheelchair-accessible, air conditioned bus model which entered service in 1993 and 1994 as part of an order for 300 new Scania buses. The buses have individual cloth seats and electronic destination displays and are the first 3-axle bus model to be delivered to Sydney Buses. There are 48 in service right now. It is easily recognised by its second axle at the back.

Service and SpecificationsEdit

The 48 buses (fleet numbers 3411-3421,3423-3446 and 3448-3460) are located at Kingsgrove, Port Botany and Willoughby depots[1]. Buses 3428 and 3435 have a seating capacity of 59, while the remainder of the buses have a seating capacity of 61. All of the buses are 14.5 metres long and are diesel-powered, Euro 2, 11.02 litre Scania DS1134 turbocharged engines that outputs 310 bHP. It has a ZF-5HP500 with speed limiter set at 80. [2].The bodies are built by Ansair. Most have Mobitec ICU400 destination controllers, but as seen from older photos, they used to have a different brand of destination board, possibly an Alcatel/Southport one.

Most units at Kingsgrove depot have a luggage rack installed directly opposite the back door, as unlike on low floor buses, the front wheel arch does not create a space for a luggage rack on high floor buses.

The ones in Kingsgrove depot almost exclusively do route 420, which has very high patronage. The ones in Port Botany depot mostly do express via Eastern Distributor routes in the peaks and route L94 throughout the day.

Paint and RefurbishmentsEdit

The L113TRB buses were originally painted in the Corporate v1 (blue and white with thin red line) livery, however they have all been refurbished and painted with Corporate v2 livery instead. There are many remnants of the Corporate v1 red lines, mostly on the front.

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